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Counseling services is available to enrolled students. We provide counseling support to prevent, detect, and treat prevalent mental health disorders, alcohol, and drug related behaviors. Our services are available from M-F, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. by appointment. Please e-mail to schedule an appointment.

It is our goal to serve students so that they may be successful in their academic and social experience.

Counseling services are provided at no additional charge to enrolled students.  Services are provided on the basis of self-referrals or in collaboration with faculty, staff, or other professionals. Services are confidential.

Services Offered

Individual counseling is the primary service offered to students. Concerns that are frequently addressed include: personal goal attainment, interpersonal relationships, anger management, and family and social problems.

Group experiences are designed to provide opportunities for skill development in such areas as decision-making, assertiveness, communication, and interpersonal processes.

Sometimes students present problems that are beyond the scope of the Center and can be better handled by another department or agency. In such cases, the student will be referred to the appropriate source. If students need services that are not available on campus, the staff will refer students to local resources for additional help; off-campus counseling costs are the responsibility of the students and/or their families.

Students in crisis are assisted by counseling center staff and other members of the student engagement, enrollment, and success team to help students through difficult times.

Upon request, counselors can offer programs to organizations, classes, or residence hall groups on issues of mental health and healthy living.

Counseling service is confidential. We cannot share with anyone, inside or outside of the College, that the student is receiving services unless the student signs a specific release of information authorizing us to do so. 

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