FEBRUARY 5 , 2009

Words Of The Week

“We will move forward in hope not fear”…President Barack Obama

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Welcome Back!!!

Wilberforce family,

Welcome back!  I pray that your winter break was all that you hoped for.  Now that Registration is closed, you should now be settled into your classes and daily routine. I want this semester to be your best semester yet.  Take time to reflect on your successes or failures of last semester and commit to building on the successes and to learning from and re-writing the failures.  Start by taking care of yourselves, your environment and each other, Set goals for the semester, Go to Class! Complete your assignments Get involved and Give thanks for the blessing of being a college student.  “To whom much is given, much is expected!”  I look forward to a tremendous semester together!!!  Dr. Messer

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Wristband prices to attend all events on 4-3-09 through 4-4-09 are:

Students w/valid I.D.: $20.00

Alumni / non students:  $50.00

Event pricing without the purchase of a wristband for Alumni /non students is as follows:

Friday Night Dawn Dance:  $25.00

Saturday Alumni Luncheon: $25.00

Saturday Step Show:  $10.00

Saturday night Party: $15.00

Event pricing without the purchase of a wristband for students w/ valid I.D. is as follows:

Friday Night Dawn Dance:  $10.00

Saturday Step Show:  $10.00

Saturday night Party: $10.00

Please call (800) 441-6381 to reserve your wristband!

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Transportation Spring Break Notice

Greetings Students!

To ensure your transportation to and from the Airports/Bus Stations for the upcoming Spring Break vacation, Transportation Dept. is asking that you please submit your request online at Wilberforce.edu.  Make your payment to the Bursar’s Office located in the Wolfe Building, NO LATER THAN MONDAY!!!  We must have payment 7 DAYS in ADVANCE.  Please bring receipt of payment to the transportation office.  Doing this will guarantee you transportation.

The prices for transportation are as followed:

Dayton Airport/Bus Station :                  $30 one-way or $60 round trip

Columbus Airport/Bus Station:             $40 one-way or $80 round trip

 The payment may be paid in person at the Bursar’s office or you may call by phone and pay with a major Credit Card or Debit card to Bursar’s Office. Phone (800) 441-6381

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please call the Transportation Director, Don Fairfax at (937) 313-9049 or (937) 708-5260.

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Mission Statement

Wilberforce University's mission is to help our students identify and prepare for their respective purposes in life as global citizens by imparting knowledge, instilling discipline and inspiring lifelong learning through critical inquiry, personal and spiritual development and practical application.

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Words on Trusteeship

“For everyone to whom much is given, from his much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more” –Luke 12:48

Welcome to my new and exciting column on “trusteeship.” This is a venture that I have thought about for some time and I hope that many of you will enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing and communicating it with you.  It is my hope that we will learn and continue to grow as the exceptional and impacting beings that we are all destined and designed to be and this column is my way of contributing to our development.

Many think of trusteeship as a responsibility that involves tedious and extensive meetings that involve extended, and sometimes meaningless, discussions about the state of an organization or group. It is indeed true that he trustees of an institution are the brain, the nucleus, the engine behind all that happens within such. Even though this may be the denoted definition, or something like this, I would like to present a different spin on things.

Much like the prescribed meaning of the word “trustee,” this new idea encompasses the notion of regulation, stewardship and accountability. The idea of trusteeship includes an acknowledgement that there is a Supreme Being who trusts us with His or Her gifts and talents that we hold. The Being becomes the “trustor” and we, humble vessels and servants, are the “trustees.” 

It is this idea that will drive the conversations and content of my articles. I hope to shed some light on, through my experiences, little travel and education, others’ experiences and advices, how we can be better “trustees” and holders of God’s gifts and blessings. Therefore, in order for this idea of “trusteeship” to make any sense, we need to accept and embrace God’s supremacy and graciousness despite our shortcomings as insatiable, truth-seeking beings (even though we never really seem to find that truth). In our quest for knowledge and a degree to help make our, and our family’s, lives better, it is imperative that we realize that there are some responsibilities associated with the great opportunities and privileges that we enjoy.

Enjoy your week and have a blessed day. Do not forget that we are all trustees and there is a mandate that is set forth for us to achieve. Let us strive to live up to God’s expectations of us and help others to identify and achieve the same.

From one Trustee to another,

Alicia Dixon
Student Representative,
Wilberforce University Board of Trustees

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Wilberforce University has celebrated its sesquicentennial and as you all know, these past 152 years have been filled with pride and a rich legacy that will continue for the next 150 years and beyond. You are a part of that legacy and it is important that you honor your heritage by learning the alma mater. Please find the words below. Let's lift our voices as one and show the world how proud we are to be a part of the WU tradition!

In the State of old Ohio
Glorious to view
Stands our noble Alma Mater
Dear old WU
Men and Maidens throng the campus
From all states they come
And from o'er the rolling waters
To this common home

Swell the chorus ever on
To gold and green be true
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater
Dear old W.U


Words by: Bishop John A. Gregg

Arranged by: Charles Henri Woode and Henry A. Garcia ’40

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