Wilberforce University E-Books


What is netLibrary? NetLibrary is a library of scholarly and serious popular e-books (about 12,000 books available in full text online) available through OPAL/OhioLINK. You can search the full text of the book collection by keyword to go straight to the books and pages pertaining to your topic. You can also direct link from a book's table of contents or index. You can then read the pages you want right there on your screen. NetLibrary titles also are cataloged and linked in the ALL OPAL function in OPAL and the OhioLINK Library Catalog (www.ohiolink.edu).

What kinds of books will I find? Wilberforce Stokes Library offers access to thousands of recent books on a variety of topics, from technical to business to the social sciences and humanities. You can also search the Public (free) collection, which consists mainly of literary classics.

Examples of titles [Remember, these are full-text searchable -- great research potential!]:

Interested? Really, all these titles and more, right on your computer on campus or at home!

How does it work? Using netLibrary is in many ways just like using a traditional walk-in library. Only one person at a time can use a particular book. When you find a book you want, you may check it out for 24 hours (may vary by type of book), no charge to you. This means that no one else will be able to access the book during that time. The system automatically checks your book back in when your loan time is up.

Will netLibrary maintain my personal favorite book links? Yes. Be sure to place books you would like to revisit often into your personal "My Favorites" bookshelf section. You will not have to re-search for preferred books if they are readily listed in "My Favorites" bookshelf section.

Can I browse through a book without checking it out? Yes. Click on the Preview icon to use the book temporarily. No one else will be able to access the book while you are previewing it.

Can I download or print a book? netLibrary allows you to download or print only one page at a time. This means it will be impractical for you to try to make copies of large sections of a book, thus keeping you from violating copyright.

How do I access netLibrary? Before you can access it from off-campus, you must create an account for yourself from an on-campus computer. No charge to you. This verifies that you are a Wilberforce patron. Once you have set up an account on-campus with your own personal User ID and Password, you can then use netLibrary from off campus. [MS Explorer may work better than Netscape browser.]

If you are a distance education student of Wilberforce University (ie. Columbus-based CLIMB), you should call or email the Library Director requesting that an account be set up on your behalf.

How do I set up my free account?
Go to the URL www.netlibrary.com
Click on create account at the top of the screen
Fill in the items in bold red

When I check out a book, I see two Reading Options. What is the difference?
We recommend you use the Online reading option. It lets you check out a book on one computer (for example, an on-campus lab computer) and read it from another (for example, your home computer).

To use the Download reading option, you must first download netLibrary's eBook Reader software onto your computer's hard drive. You then download the book contents into the software. This means that you can only read the book from the computer on which you first downloaded it. It still does not let you print more than one page at a time, and netLibrary automatically checks the book back in and takes it off your hard drive after 24 hours. We really see no advantage to using the Download option.

Do stop by the WU Stokes Library today for a free demonstration by any staff member! Start referencing current books -- efficiently and productively -- at your desk!

Special thanks to Colleen Kennedy, Library Director, DeVry Kansas City and Bruce Weaver, DeVry Columbus and OPAL partner. (Updated September 6, 2001 by JMulhern)