Strategic Planning at Wilberforce University is an on-going experience that manages our goals and aspirations through planning, implementation, and assessment. The Wilberforce University 5-Year (2014-2020) Strategic Planning Timeline is informed by the vision, mission, four foci, directives, and value drivers, that are characterized as The Wilberforce Renaissance.

Establish and sustain fundraising activities to ensure a lasting Wilberforce Legacy. Operationalize the history and tradition of Wilberforce by developing student bodies that exit with measurable and contributing skills to solve national and international problems as well as show that our students are global citizens. Build and sustain collaborative partnerships between the university community, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Community, Alumni and partners that allows for strengthening Wilberforce University contributions to change national and international human condition needs.

To help our students identify and prepare for their respective purposes in life as global citizens by imparting knowledge, instilling discipline and inspiring lifelong learning through critical inquiry, personal and spiritual development and practical application.

Four Foci-
Academics & Leadership            Accreditation & Compliance              Fundraising                  Communication

Our Strategic Thinking and Planning is characterized by the following directives:


The Wilberforce Renaissance: 2017 and beyond…
The Wilberforce University Strategic Plan was enacted to ensure institutional viability. In 2017, as a new team assumed University leadership, campus community members were invited to reflect on the strategic plan and its implementation process. A set of inquiries, spearheaded by Kateland and Associates, assisted the university in identifying our progress and additional ways to operationalize the strategic plan in accessible and meaningful ways for all constituents. We discovered through our process of inquiry, that we needed to ensure our success through accessible language/practice and shared value drivers.

The result of this inquiry process was an invitation to (re-)engage and an infusion of strategic value drivers. We invited students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other constituents to join us in participating in our strategic thinking and planning, with the naming of our strategic plan- The Wilberforce Renaissance: Reclaiming Institutional Prominence. The naming of our strategic plan, The Wilberforce Renaissance: Reclaiming Institutional Prominence, allows for continued achievement of the directives set in 2014 and provided for active participation by the entire campus community in a strategic process that offers intentional reflection, innovation, and visible change to enhance student learning and outcomes.  The strategy of naming and infusing the value drivers serves to focus the Wilberforce community to locate themselves through active participation in the strategic thinking and planning and in turn strengthen our outcomes, and high performance.

The Wilberforce Renaissance: How We Get There (the Process)
The use of the framing, The Wilberforce Renaissance: Reclaiming Institutional Prominence, describes our practice, our aspirations, and our outcomes as it relates to strategic thinking and planning. The Wilberforce Renaissance: Reclaiming Institutional Prominence is the tangible, everyday implementation of the strategic plan, making the directives of the plan real and accessible. In our everyday practice, we are informed by six institutional drivers:

Operational Efficiency    Fiscal Responsibility    Academic Excellence

Student Engagement       Civility and Kindness    Image Enhancement

These value drivers are aligned with our strategic thinking and planning directives, and assist us in prioritizing the day to day resources of the University. The University value drivers, inform the strategic plan and help organize the implementation of best practices and high performance. The process for evaluation of our progress includes a tiered approach:

The Wilberforce Renaissance: Sharing our Progress
Our assessment and analysis is completed through a collaboration between the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer.  The University is engaged in our progress through report submissions, the website, and during Board of Trustee meetings, which happen in the fall and spring semesters.

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