Wilberforce University Athletic Department Philosophy and Mission Statement:


Philosophy of the Athletic Program

Wilberforce University supports and fully adopts the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA) philosophies and thus, shapes its statement of philosophy by including the basic philosophy of this association into its athletic mission and purpose statement. The purpose of the Wilberforce Athletic Program, as is the purpose of the NAIA, is to promote the education and development of students through intercollegiate athletic participation. The College’s commitment to high standards and the principles of athletics serve as an integral part of education.

Aim and Objective of the NAIA


The aim and objective of the NAIA is to promote the development of athletics as an integral part of the educational offering of member institutions by means of democratic participation at district, national and local levels.

This aim and objective shall be accomplished by means of the functioning of district and local committees composed of representatives of those institutions which subscribe to and support athletics programs that shall culminate in truly democratic national and local championship competitions. NAIA seeks membership only from accredited institutions which support this aim. The primary criteria for selection and encouragement of membership shall be educational emphasis.

NAIA Champions of Character


Since Wilberforce University adheres to the NAIA rules and regulations it also is an advocate for its’ promotion of “Champions of Character.”

The “Champions of Character” model states that all NAIA member institutions promote the five core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership. Signing the “NAIA Student-Athlete Pledge” promotes your commitment to the NAIA objectives within the “Champions of Character” model. Wilberforce University Athletic Department Mission Statement Wilberforce University athletic department’s mission is to provide an atmosphere conducive to sustaining personal, academic, and athletic excellence. We emphasize personal, spiritual and academic development as priorities while the student-athlete is also challenged to commit to excellence within their sport. Through teamwork, sportsmanship, intercollegiate competition the athletic department is committed to seek and provide student-athletes with the necessary tools to development well-rounded contributing members of society. Wilberforce University pursues the following goals for student athletes: The student, as a central focus of intercollegiate athletics, shall:

  1. Accept the responsibility to become an effective, contributing member of society.
  2. Be an ambassador of the university and a champion of character
  3. Fulfill academic responsibilities while progressing steadily toward meeting the requirements for a degree
  4. Maintain eligibility for participation in every athletic contest

The College shall:

  1. Ensure that intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of the total educational offering, under the control of those responsible for the administration of the institution
  2. Maintain high ethical standards through commitment to our Christian principles
  3. Engage in competition with other institutions having similar athletics philosophies and policies
  4. Provide campus wide recognition of outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes
  5. Provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop leadership skills through participation in personal development experiences
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