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We need you!

Your financial support to Wilberforce University continues our legacy and mission! We can continue the development or our students by preparing them to be global citizens, imparting knowledge, instilling discipline and lifelong learning.

The annual fund provides opportunity for alumni and friends of the university to support students, faculty and infrastructure.

For our STUDENTS your support provides scholarships, activities and program funding to ensure that students can complete their studies with a full college experience at Wilberforce University.

For our FACULTY your support assists with research and academic initiatives.

For our INFRASTRUCTURE your support provides resources to ensure that the Wilberforce University experience is a positive one for our students, faculty and staff, including extra-curricular activities and the preservation of our campus.

The Annual Fund seeks support each year. Your donations make a significant impact upon the quality of the Wilberforce University student experience.

Benefits of donating to the Annual Fund

  • Give back to the university
  • Tax benefits
  • Support student programs and university initiatives
  • Make your mark in philanthropy

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