You are cordially invited NOT to join us for the 1st Annual Back to School No Show Gala!
Benefiting Wilberforce University Annual Fund

We ask that you NOT join us on September 27, 2014 For a dinner that will NOT take place

Almost everyone loves the idea of supporting a great cause with a glamorous gala, buying a new outfit, getting dressed up, going out, reconnecting with friends you may have not seen for a while, and making new ones. At Wilberforce University, we have, and will continue to honor some amazing people and celebrate some incredible milestones in just that way. Our Back to School No Show Gala is not one of those times!

The daily needs and operations of the university aren't nearly as glamorous but just as vital. With hard work from our faculty, staff, and volunteers, along with many generous donations of time and financial support from our alumni and friends we are able to continue with amazing programs for our students.

Our No Show Gala, gives you the opportunity to make a difference, from the comfort of your couch, while out with friends, or while catching up on your favorite TV show. It is exactly what it sounds like. We don’t need you to buy a new outfit. We don’t need you to get your hair done. We don’t need you to get in the car and go anywhere. In fact, there is no place to go to. 100% of every dollar you spend for this event will go directly to the University, not to your favorite store, not to your hairdresser, not to a sitter. Also, all donations are 100% tax exempt.

No need to endure long speeches, rubber chickens or silent auctions!

No need to buy a new dress or press the tuxedo!

No Need to pay a babysitter or shell out for tips, coat check or valet fees!

No late night, no headache from one-too-many toasts!

No need to do anything at all, because it never really happened!


Instead, we ask that you make a charitable contribution in the amount that you would have spent, and we promise to devote every cent to the University you care so much about, and the students that we are serving.

**Kindly confirm your {nonattendance} on the registration form, which can be downloaded and mailed in.**

Download the Donation Form

All of the non-attendees will be posted on the website after the non-event

Thank you so much for NOT attending, for your support of Wilberforce University Annual Fund, and for joining in the fun of our 1st Annual Back to School No Show Gala.

Marilyn J. Gadd
Manager, WU Annual Fund

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