New Student Orientation
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What is new Student Orientation?

New Student orientation is a tradition that marks the beginning of your career as a Wilberforcean. The week will expose you to all of the people, places and things that should ensure your success at WU. Please note that the events of the week are mandatory.

The week is divided into focus areas so that you are transitioned into the community academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. The staff will be on hand throughout the week should you need us for anything. You will be divided into smaller orientation groups that will be lead by an orientation advisor (OA). The OA is an upperclass student who will serve as your mentor for the week and should be a great resource for getting you settled into college life. If you want a mentor for the remainder of the year, please complete the Mentor/Mentee program application that you will receive over the summer or contact Ms. Kim Moore at In addition your OA, the Resident Assistant (RA) is a trained upperclass student who lives on your hall and is responsible for assisting you with your transition into living away from home. The RA will serve in that capacity for the entire year and should be a good support for you.

After new student orientation the offices throughout Student Development and Enrollment Management should be your first stop should you have any student life issues or concerns. More detailed information on offices, contacts, programs and policies can be found on the Wilberforce website or in The Bulldog Book, Student Handbook, that you will receive once you arrive on campus.

Make the most of Orientation, because it will be special. It will be one of only 2 opportunities during your time at WU that you will stand together as a single unified class without other classes …..the other time will be your GRADUATION!!!

Take advantage of the offerings and the wisdom shared by faculty, staff and students; adhere to the tradition and vision as imparted by our president, Patricia Hardaway; challenge yourself to make new friends; set academically rigorous goals; have fun and most importantly Keep the Faith!

We are looking forward to meeting you in August!



Congratulations on your acceptance to Wilberforce University-where belonging is easy and excellence is expected. Attending Wilberforce makes you a lifelong member of an elite group of distinguished individuals who, like you, chose to begin their adult lives here. The shared Wilberforce experience transcends time and distance to create a network of support that will be available to you wherever you may go.



At Wilberforce, you'll discover facets of yourself you never knew were there. Distractions fade away in our peaceful surroundings, giving you the space you need to look within…as fresh ideas excite your intellect…as extraordinary mentors awaken new ambitions…as professional work experiences ignite career possibilities… as fellow students invite you to lead.



International students are considered for admission as new students and transfer students. The procedures for admission of new students apply to international students. Additionally, an applicant whose native language is not English is required to submit