Campus Tours

Please choose from the following options:

Prospective Student : Anyone interested in enrolling as a student to Wilberforce University
Admitted Student : Any student recently admitted into Wilberforce University
Organization : Any organization wanting to visit the campus
Alumni Visit : Any Wilberforce University Alumni that would like to visit the campus

(For students/parents scheduling campus tours, be aware that tours are only given Monday through Friday, as there is no one available to give tours during the weekends.)

Due to the holiday break, tours will not be given from November 19, 2012 through January 21, 2013. Please be mindful of this when scheduling your visit.



Congratulations on your acceptance to Wilberforce University-where belonging is easy and excellence is expected. Attending Wilberforce makes you a lifelong member of an elite group of distinguished individuals who, like you, chose to begin their adult lives here. The shared Wilberforce experience transcends time and distance to create a network of support that will be available to you wherever you may go.



At Wilberforce, you'll discover facets of yourself you never knew were there. Distractions fade away in our peaceful surroundings, giving you the space you need to look within…as fresh ideas excite your intellect…as extraordinary mentors awaken new ambitions…as professional work experiences ignite career possibilities… as fellow students invite you to lead.



International students are considered for admission as new students and transfer students. The procedures for admission of new students apply to international students. Additionally, an applicant whose native language is not English is required to submit