Credit for prior learning is an extremely important part of the CLIMB Program and has been used by the majority of the adult learners to accelerate their degree completion process. Once enrolled in the CLIMB Program, consider any materials you may have to submit for credit through prior learning.

You will assemble a portfolio during the module one. The procedure for preparing and submitting your materials for credit will be presented in the program curriculum in the module.

Prior learning credit is assessed in three methods:

  1. Professional and Technical Training

    This method of prior learning allows documentation for workshops, seminars, non-accredited courses and professional licenses. Any military courses that are not on an official transcript may be submitted in this section. (In module one, you will be instructed about proper documentation and explanation of this experience.)

  2. Life Learning Papers

    Serious consideration should be given to the experience topics you might write about to receive credit that may be applied to satisfy outstanding general studies requirements and/or electives, as needed. The appropriate format for developing a life-learning paper will be taught in module one.

  3. CLEP and DANTES

    These are national standardized examinations that offer adult learners the opportunity to “test out” of various subject areas. While Wilberforce University does not administer this type of testing, many other area colleges do, and we will accept the credit when the standard passing score is met. ( or

There is a $100 per credit hour charge for Professional and Technical Training and for life-learning papers. An assessment of $25 per credit hour is charged for CLEP and DANTES. Prior learning credit is assessed in semester hours and saves the adult learner time that would ordinarily be spent sitting in a classroom. It is also a major alternative to consider in pursuit of the degree.