Early Warning System

The Early Warning System allows the ACCESS staff to assist students who are having academically related prob­lems in their classes during the first three (3) weeks of each semester. Faculty members submit forms detailing concerns regarding their students such as, excessive absences, poor study habits, failure to complete assign­ments, etc. The ACCESS staff will contact identified students by e-mail, phone and/or letters requesting that they come to the office for assistance and support to address areas of weakness, to ensure that students complete the semester successfully.

 Additionally, students who find that they are having difficulty and need support are encouraged to submit an alert form anytime throughout the semester to obtain assistance. For emergencies, please call the office directly at (937) 708-5648 or stop by the office in the Stokes Center, Learning Resource Center – Room 102.

Faculty Submissions

Faculty Members: Please complete an early alert for all students that may have excessive absences, poor study habits, failure to complete assignments, etc. during weeks 1 – 4 of each semester. Upon receiving an early alert, ACCESS staff will refer the alert to the appropriate advisor/faculty advisor (based upon the students' classification) for follow-up and intervention. The student should be contacted within 1 - 2 days of the alert submission by phone, email and/or official letter to the students’ local residence.

Fall Semester 2011 Early Alert Reports Due by Friday, September 9, 2011
Spring Semester 2012 Early Alert Reports Due by Friday, February 10, 2012

Student Submissions

If you find that you are having difficulty in one or more classes ANYTIME during the semester, please complete the form below so that an advisor/faculty advisor can reach out to you in support of ensuring your success this semester.  Upon receiving an early alert, you will be contacted within 1 - 2 days to schedule an appointment for follow-up and intervention.