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> Eligibility and Determination
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In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the University offers reasonable accommodations to students with eligible documented learning, physical and/or psychological disabilities. Disability-related services coordinated through the ACCESS Office guarantee eligible students equal access to an education. The goal is to maximize the studentsí educational potential while helping to develop and maintain the studentsí independence. Students are required to identify their needs and to register with the ACCESS Office to be considered eligible for reasonable accommodations at Wilberforce University.

Services currently available for students with disabilities include:

1) Disability management advising
2) Local Referral Sources to access Interpreters for the deaf
3) Note Taker Support
4) Carbonless Notebook Paper
5) Alternative testing options
6) Priority Registration
7) Access to Tape Record Lectures
8) Reader/Writer Services
9) Local Referral resources for taped and electronic textbooks
10) Tutorial Services
11) Accessible Parking
12) Preferential Seating
13) Extended Time for Assignments and Tests

Testing Accommodations during New Student Orientation:

New students to Wilberforce University who are in need of accommodations during placement testing must self-identify. To register (self-identify) for testing accommodations, you must contact the ACCESS Office at (937) 708-5648 or email the Director, Mrs. Brame at jbrame@wilberforce.edu. Even though sufficient documentation is not required to take the placement test, we do require that you complete a Consent Form, which will include a statement of understanding that sufficient documentation must be provided to the ACCESS Office if further accommodations are needed during the initial semester and beyond.