Philosophy of Advising

At Wilberforce University, our philosophy for advising is to guide and support students toward excellence by:

  • ENCOURAGING the personal development of students;
  • INFORMING students of their academic and career options;
  • INSPIRING students toward establishing and accomplishing personal and career goals.


  1. To provide students with information and support for identifying educational and career goals
  2. To assist in the development of an educational plan
  3. To promote the use of academic support services and resources
  4. To promote and support student involvement in campus and co-curricular experiences to develop interpersonal and leadership abilities
  5. To promote involvement in off-campus, experiential learning experiences to explore and clarify career options
  6. To help students connect with a positive college experience
  7. To promote each students’ ability to think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions about their future
  8. To be a mentor by providing personal guidance, support, and advocacy
  9. To assist students in finding campus professionals in support services who can support and encourage student success, academically and personally


  1. Keep your advising appointments
  2. Assume adult responsibilities by participating actively and fully in the advising experience
  3. Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or if you have a concern
  4. Keep a personal record of your progress in meeting your goals
  5. Use academic services and campus resources to be successful
  6. Complete all assignments and recommendations of your advisor
  7. Develop an educational plan with your advisor
  8. Become involved in campus organizations and activities to begin developing a college resume/e-portfolio
  9. Provide your advisor with accurate information about your interests and abilities

First year/first semester advising

Upon meeting with an Academic Advisor during New Student Orientation, freshmen gain insight into academic options, degree requirements, and University policies and procedures. Academic Advisors will assist freshmen in developing an educational plan, connecting with the campus community, and preparation for registering for each semester in a student’s first year. Advisors also can assist and refer students to resources of support when needed. We recommend that first year students meet with their Advisors monthly. However, we require them to see their Academic Advisor at least three (3) times a semester, preferably at the beginning of the semester, before or after mid­terms and during the pre-registration timeframe during the last month of each semester. Upon successful completion of the first year, (completion of 31 credit hours), students are transitioned to Faculty Advisors for the remainder of their academic experience at Wilberforce University.

 Upperclassmen Advising

 CLICK HERE to view the listing of Faculty Advisors for sophomores, juniors and seniors!

 Probation advising

The academic advisors in ACCESS Office assist students who are having difficulty obtaining a minimum 2.0 cumula­tive grade point average by ensuring they are using the resources provided by the office. A student on proba­tion must adhere to several conditions, sign an academic contract and create a success plan with an advisor during each semester of probation. An initial appointment with an advisor must take place during the first month of each semester of probation. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, call (937) 708-5648 or stop by the office in the Stokes Center, Learning Resource Center – Room 102.   The following is a listing of conditions for all probation students:

1. You must register for no more than 15 credit hours for the semester.
2. Earn a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
3. Create a Student Success Plan (to be completed with Advisor in the ACCESS Office).
4. Attend one of the Academic Probation Workshops and up to three Success Series 7 workshops during the semester of probation.
5. Attend monthly check-in sessions with an Advisor in ACCESS Office (to be scheduled during your initial SSP session).
6. Submission of bi-weekly progress reports from university professors (forms will be provided during your initial SSP session).
7. Active participation with tutorial services.
8. Inclusion of parents/guardians in your academic success efforts by signing a waiver allowing discussion between the ACCESS Office and your parents.
9. Attend all classes, complete assignments on time and confer with your instructors if you are having difficulty.
10. Other conditions, as deemed appropriate.

Students on probation are required to attend at least one Probation Workshop and up to three (3) Success Series 7 Workshops.

Click here to view semester probation workshop dates, times and locations!

Pre-Registration Process

Academic advisement and registration at Wilberforce University is intended to give new and transfer students an introduction to academic life. We recognize that all students bring with them diverse needs and experi­ences. Therefore, the focus is primarily on the advisement and registration process while offering individual assistance and optional information as needed. During the New Student Orientation program, new and transfer students are advised on degree requirements, explore information on how their previous credits will transfer to Wilberforce University, obtain assistance in understanding their first semester courses, and receive a copy of their class schedule. During New Student Orientation, registration at Wilberforce University for incoming students is a three-step pro­cess.


In order to ensure that every student has the best possible chance to succeed at Wilberforce University, all freshman and transfer students are required to take a placement test to assess mathematics, writing and reading academic skill levels. The assessment lets you and your advisor work together to help you choose classes that will meet your educational needs. If you have a disability, contact the Office of Academic Support Services at (937) 708-5648 to arrange for accommodations.


Students experience a Advising/Registration Session during New Student Orientation. This session will afford you the opportunity to:

• Experience an overview of programs and resources provided by the ACCESS Office;

• Learn about academic programs of study (academic majors) at Wilberforce University;

• Obtain information about helpful tools to assist you through the registration process;

• Become knowledgeable about degree requirement expectations;

• Receive helpful advisement and registration in understanding their pre-registered schedule for their initial semester.


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Pre-registration for 2nd Semester:

During the initial semester, students are able to experience pre-registration for their 2 nd semester of study. The pre-registration period usually takes place during the last four (4) weeks of the semester. It is strongly encouraged for all students to register for classes during this time. Failure to register for class­es for the next semester will hinder you from securing housing for the next semester.

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