Welcome to Bulldog Country! We are excited you have chosen to attend Wilberforce University and can’t wait for you to become part of our family. You are about to embark on one of the most exciting times in your life, and our mission is to help you excel here at WU by successfully preparing you academically.

Our number one priority is to provide you with the best possible education so you can walk across that stage at commencement in three years from now and feel confident that you are prepared to make a difference. The journey is just beginning, and the first important step toward helping you succeed is your participation in the First Year Enrichment Program.

This new program is designed to help you adjust to college and provide you with meaningful and beneficial information. The “first year experience” concept represents a deliberate attempt to ensure that our first-year students are supported through the use of peer mentors, tutorial sessions, service learning, activities and increased interaction with faculty outside the classroom. Upon the completion of the first year, you should have a positive sense of self, an increased awareness of services available to you, a positive interaction with faculty, and a committed effort to achieving academically.

So please take advantage of all that we have to offer in the First Year program. We are committed to your success, committed to the purpose, and committed to this great University!