History: Under the Division of Academic Affairs, this program was designed to give the faculty hands on experience in preparing students academically outside of the classroom. This program will allow students to master developmental subjects while embracing a commitment to excellence that will ensure a smooth transition from the first year.

Mission: To foster the commitment of engaging the student inside and outside of the classroom where he or she can enhance their reading, writing, and mathematical capabilities in order to succeed academically and beyond. It is also our mission to retain our first year students by providing deliberate and intrusive methods to foster learning.

Vision: Every student who participates in the First Year Enrichment program will be academically prepared by being integrated into programs and services which aid in the total development of their collegiate experience.

Goals of the Program:

  • Students will understand the value of claiming an education and will be able to practice active learning in a variety of contexts
  • Students will understand and be able to articulate the relationship between intellectual inquiry and civic and professional life
  • Students will connect positively and actively with the Faculty, Peers and FYE staff
  • Students will recognize and be able to articulate the use-value of research, scholarship, writing, and dialogue across disciplinary, social, political, and geographical boundaries
  • Students will understand how the University is structured, where to find academic, social, and career planning support, and will be active and strategic participants in the advising process